Why Fly WiFi?

Adventure is in the air this spring! As the weather is warming up and you start to make your travel plans consider the airlines that are wi-fi enabled and the benefits of flying high in the sky with wifi!


WiFi Enabled Airlines for U.S. flights:


Several other airlines are about to take off with wi-fi including US Airways and Continental as well as three international carriers: Emirates, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic.


The Benefits:

  • Productivity: Professionals and students and alike can take advantage of wifi to get work done as well as staying organized by plowing through emails, paying bills online or even checking into your hotel before you land.
  • Entertainment: Stay up to date on current events, shop for an item and have it shipped to you destination or choose which movies you want to watch via streaming video from sites like net-flix.
  • Connect: Chat with friends, family and colleagues via instant message or on facebook, twitter etc.


Have you enjoyed wifi on a flight recently? What was your experience like?

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