The 8 Greatest Date Night Movies for Parents

TV remote controlAh, date night. That romantic time of the week when you wine and dine your girlfriend. The movies, the dancing, the clubs, the shows.

When you’re younger, every night is practically date night… even if you’re a cheap date. But as you get older and once you get married and have kids, that all changes.

Date Night turns into a monthly holiday… and that’s if you’re lucky. Between work, finding babysitters, kids getting sick, family commitments, etc., it’s next to impossible to find a night where you and your spouse are both free to go out.

So you improvise. And Date Night becomes a relaxing stay-at-home night that begins once the kids finally ship off to dreamland. Except men and women have different tastes in movies. From Expendables 2 to Magic Mike, it can be tough deciding on a film you’ll both agree on. Single moms on the other hand, won’t have such problems.

For all you married folks, however, this post is for you. What follows is a list of the 8 Greatest Movies for Parents to Watch on Date Night:

Date Night

It’s tough to go wrong with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. But this insane, over-the-top comedy about a married couple too busy to really notice each other takes a super wild turn when their regular date night at a restaurant downtown suddenly leads to a lethal, gun-toting, action-packed evening. Suddenly your date nights curled up on the couch with a movie sound pretty darn good, don’t they?

Say AnythingSay Anything

Sigh. Back in the ’80s, all you needed to impress a girl was a gigantic boom box and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” This is John Cusack at his finest in a film that mixes equal part romance and sensitivity with typical Cusack quirkiness. It also gave us the best movie quote of all time: “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.”

The Notebook

This movie should seriously come with a box of Kleenex. I defy any guy to watch this with his wife without getting even a little choked up at the end. Women will swoon at Ryan Gosling in this romance to end all romances, while guys will be more than captivated by Rachel McAdams and a “root for the good guy to get the girl” storyline.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Chalk this one up to a guilty pleasure, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are just perfect together as a typical boring married couple… who both just happen to be super secret assassins. The fun really takes off when their alter-egos interact for the first time as they’re ordered to take each other down. It’s pretty safe to say, you’ve never had an argument with your spouse quite like this one.

The Proposal

I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, but I’ll admit that he and Sandra Bullock play off each other beautifully. Bullock plays Ryan’s insanely aggressive and demeaning boss who it turns out is about to get deported. So she fakes an engagement with Ryan which just turns into one big crazy romantic comedy of a mess.

Can't Buy Me LoveCan’t Buy Me Love

Before he got his medical degree as McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey had to pay $1,000 to a popular cheerleader in high school so she’d date him for a month. After that, he assumes all the girls will be fighting over him. At least that’s the plot of this ’80s comedy which really takes a good hard look at whether or not you truly can buy love.

Princess Bride

You haven’t seen this classic yet? Inconceivable! I can’t think of a more perfect “chick flick for guys.” It’s full of princesses, romance and true love to keep the ladies happy, but it’s also full of laughs, action, sword-fights and even late WWE wrestler Andre the Giant, which is more than enough to keep the guys glued to their sets.

The Wedding Singer

Another blast from the past. This one’s pretty much a no-brainer. Guys will watch it for Adam Sandler, gals will watch it for Drew Barrymore, and both will watch it for the awesome retro soundtrack.

What movies do you watch on date night?

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