Earth Day Giveaway 2014

403x403-EarthDay-AnnounceIt’s CowBoom’s most favorite time of the year! April 22 is Earth Day but don’t let that stop you from celebrating our fine planet all year long! One of the best ways we can protect our earth from unnecessary waste and production is by reusing things. Either finding new uses for items we already own or by reusing something that someone else no longer wants or needs. It’s no surprise that we celebrate this fact considering we sold 45 tons of pre-owned and refurbished electronics in 2013! That’s the equivalent of 283,500 garbage trucks full of trash! Don’t forget that somebody’s trash is likely someone else’s treasure the next time you upgrade your smart phone or tablet. There’s someone else out there that will value it! Anytime you’re ready to upgrade check out Best Buy’s Trade In program for awesome savings towards your next purchase at Best Buy. And now for the goods! We’re giving away one Pre-Loved 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note in celebration of Earth Day. Simply click over to CowBoom’s Facebook Page and enter or Re-Tweet our Giveaway Tweet on Twitter! Remember, we all have a part in making our earth a place we’ll want to live and for our future generations. Let’s keep it clean. Happy Earth Day!


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  1. Joe Kornokovich says:

    I hope I win!

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