Digital Detox: It’s Clean Out Your Computer Day

Source: Arbol

Source: Arbol

Are you feeling out of sync these days? Does booting up your computer and running simple tasks feel like an eternity? Is your inbox overflowing and overwhelming? If so, a digital detox is in order. The steps below will blend into the perfect elixir to restore your system and sanity for optimal performance. So tune into your inner geek, breathe and reboot.

  • De-clutter your Desktop: Not only does a cluttered desktop look uninviting, but it actually slows down your system. Delete unused shortcuts and file away the rest. If you’re prone to desktop clutter, there are apps to help keep it under control. For Windows Users, meet Fences: A free download for XP, 7 & Vista that allows you to segment your desktop files and keep your desktop clutter free. For Mac Users: Try Clean, a free app that moves your desktop files to a folder you specify and organizes them by month resulting in a clean desktop with organized files.
  • Organize your documents, photos & music: Now that your Desktop is clean, spend some time reviewing additional folders that could use some TLC. Delete anything you don’t need or use and organize the rest.
  • Uninstall Programs: If you haven’t used the program in over a year its highly unlikely you will use it again. Do yourself a favor and get rid of unused programs that are slowing down your system.
  • Clear Your Cache: Every time you visit a website information is stored in your cache. Overtime this can create quite the lag when browsing the web. For informationĀ  on how to clear your browser’s cache click here.
  • Attack the Inbox: First of all, unsubscribe to any email lists that you never read. If there are ads or newsletters you want to read at your leisure but don’tĀ  need them cluttering your inbox, try organizing by labels in Gmail. Flagged emails will bypass your inbox where they are stored in categories you create. Secondly, review everything in your inbox and respond to pending messages and file them away when finished. Lastly, set up folders for any additional categories that can help minimize future clutter.
  • Organize Your Bookmarks: Again, delete what you don’t need and organize the rest!
  • Kick it to the Curb: Purge the clutter from your trash folder and get on with your life.
  • Back It Up: The most important thing you can do to stay organized and prepared is to back up your system. If you haven’t purchased an external hard drive yet, check out some great options here. External hard drives are a great solution for programs and files you want to hold on to but don’t necessarily need on your hard drive. And in the event that your system crashes you’ll be happy to have backed up your files to save yourself the headache of starting over from scratch.

Clean Out Your Computer Day falls on the second Monday in February each year. But don’t wait until next year to detox again. Frequent cleansing will prevent future build up and stress. Tell us in the comment section below when was the last time you cleaned out your computer and you could win a Toshiba Portable Hard Drive!


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32 Responses to Digital Detox: It’s Clean Out Your Computer Day

  1. Melissa Draper says:

    I try to organize my pictures and files to external hard drives at least once a week, but I’m thinking I’ve missed the last several weeks. With my luck, my hard drive will crash and I’ll lose things. Better get organizing today, I guess! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Karen Blasier says:

    I have never cleaned up my desktop. Please enter me in the drawing for the external hard drive.

  3. Tina says:

    Sadly the last time I cleared my cache was sometime Last year, I think hmm September.

  4. Peggy Lemos says:

    Can I say not since I bought my computer two years ago? Thank you for all the tips!

  5. Christopher Drummond says:

    Last week. And now, this morning.

  6. David Hall says:

    I cleaned it out last Saturday… motherboard died and I had to REALLY clean house. Luckily I had backups and 90% of my data was on other hard drives. An external HD would be nice, since I had to remove the hard drives and put them into an adapter to retrieve the data I needed while I wait for the new motherboard.

  7. Lisa D says:

    Please help me De-Clutter

  8. Naum Rabinovich says:

    I actually cleaned it out around 2am this morning, TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance is a godsend!

  9. Cheryl Wilson says:

    I have never totally cleaned out my desktop. I have started several times, but to no avail. It really needs it. Slow running is an understatement.

  10. Sarah says:

    Well I changed jobs and then changed back after 3 months so my old super slow laptop got replaced by a new one and all the mounds of saved emails are gone. It is quite refreshing and I now now I don’t need to keep them all for forever

  11. Cathy s says:

    two years at least.

  12. Denise Petty says:

    I am in the middle of cleaning now! I am being ruthless and getting rid of so much stuff. I intend to clean up, back up, wipe it all out, and start out clean.

  13. Paul Blandford says:

    6 months ago

  14. Asimina kaminis says:

    I have never cleaned out my computers hard drive time to start!

  15. Nick says:

    I try to clean my PC out on a monthly basis, but I really purge my files once a year! Great article and solid advice.

  16. frances says:

    I cleaned out my computer 2-11-13 after reading your article digital detox. thanks for the help.

  17. Edward Jackson says:

    This is great news to me. I have not done this at all and this thing is draging. I would realy like have a Portable Hard Drive from Toshiba!!!

  18. Karen Jaras says:

    Just bought a new desktop and transferred all the files with every hard drive full of backup files. Now I need to transfer to my new laptop but am out of space for all thos photos that I cannot lose. I really need another portable hard drive.

  19. Natalie Erickson says:

    Cleaned out computer 2/10/13, clean out daily, then I don’t forget. Thanks for the Toshiba Portable Hard Drive Giveaway!

  20. Emily Lindall says:

    I make cleaning my computer and hard drives a constant process by keeping up to date with it daily in my spare time.

  21. Christy George says:

    I clean my cache a couple of times a day and I organize my bookmarks and inbox emails daily as well :)

  22. Trisha B. says:

    I cleaned mine a week ago and try to do it at least once a week.

  23. Curtis says:

    last month because my computer started to lag.

  24. Jan C says:

    Great article – I will start cleaning my computer today! Does this enter me for the drawing as well?

  25. Evelio says:

    I clean and organize every month. ALL my documents, movies, music, and programs are saved on two external hard drives. I have all my files within folders and those folders organized within other folders.
    Space is running thin, with only 1ooGB left on one hard drive, I definitely could use another hard drive.
    I would love another hard drive to have a backup for my backup’s backup :)

  26. Gail McHam says:

    I never have cleaned out my hard drive….thanks for the info!

  27. Stan McHam says:

    Never heard of the 2nd Monday of February clean your Hard Drive Day, but I’m willing to give it a try! Thanks CowBoom!

  28. Logan says:

    I’m pretty picky when it comes to my computers organization, especially after making the switch to a SSD drive for my OS/Games, so I do it pretty regularly. 2 Weeks ago I completely reorganized my secondary storage drive and did as much of a cleanup as I could on a drive that hosts only the OS and a few games. Getting another hard drive would make backing up things much easier!

  29. S. Gadsby says:

    Wiping your hard drive to repartition and reinstall everything counts as cleaning up, right?

  30. Tom says:

    I need to declutter more often. Sometimes Firefox gets really sluggish. Thanks for the suggestions- the gmail labels looks like a good idea for some of the forums I visit. Please enter me in the hard drive drawing.


    A YEAR

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