Mini Gift Guide: Cool Tech Gifts on a Budget

gifts on a budget









The holiday season has finally arrived! The options for holiday gifts are in abundance these days but some of them might not be so kind to your budget. We’ll help you get in the spirit of the holidays without breaking the bank. Read on to shop great options for everyone on your list!

For Those Always On-The-Go

The Microsoft® Surface Windows RT with 32 GB memory offers a 10.6-inch HD touch screen, Bluetooth® compatibility and an integrated kickstand. This techy gift is a fantastic option for individuals who never seem to slow down. Now they can take this lightweight tablet and laptop combo with them wherever they go and use it for getting work done, watching a movie or video-chatting.

For the Fitness Guru

Health and wellness are important, but for some, they’re everything. For these individuals, give a cool tech gift they’ll use again and again – the Pebble Time SmartWatch for most iOS and Android™ devices. It features a water-resistant design, E-Paper display and a built-in microphone. It’s a gift they’ll use in conjunction with their favorite fitness apps to track hours slept and steps taken, but also lets them receive notifications and send voice memos.

For the Kiddos

The holidays are a favorite time of year for kids, so make theirs exciting with the right gift. When it comes to holiday gift ideas, the Samsung SM-T2105 Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 8GB tablet is one that provides hours of entertainment. With a yellow and orange exterior, the tablet features an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean platform, a dual-core processor and connects to Wi-Fi.

For the Avid Photographer

There are certain individuals that never seem to appear in pictures. Many times, this is because they are the ones behind the camera. For these avid photographers, find the best gadget gifts they’ll appreciate and use, like the HTC-RE 16.0-megapixel digital camera. This white camera is compatible with iOS7 and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later and has a f/2.8 aperture that helps create vivid videos and pictures.

For the Gamer

Looking for a holiday gift idea for a gamer? For Playstation fans, there’s the Sony Playstation PS4 500 GB gaming console. It comes in black and offers 8GB of RAM and access to exclusive PS4 games not available to Xbox users. The console connects to the internet as well through both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable for online gaming with individuals all over the world.

For the Music Buff

If you know someone who loves jamming to their favorite tunes anywhere they go, consider the Apple iPod Nano 16 GB MP3 Player 7th generation. Compatible with both Mac® and PC so users can enjoy downloading songs from iTunes, viewing videos on the 2.5-inch Multi-Touch screen and listening to FM radio.

For the Busy Bee

Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, college students and more will love a cool tech gift like the Sharp 1.3-cubic foot mid-size microwave in smooth white. With four one-touch preset options and a glass front, prepare snacks and even some meals easily in a variety of dish sizes. A child lock is included to prevent the kiddos from operating it unsupervised.

Looking for the best tech gifts? Shop CowBoom for jingle deals on game consoles, tablets and wearable tech that will help you embrace the holiday spirit without spending too much. Do you already have some cool tech gifts in mind? Leave us a comment, and let us know what’s on your holiday shopping list.

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Must-Have Apps for a Festive Thanksgiving

Put those tattered recipe cards of your mother’s green bean casserole away. In fact, throw them away. If you’re still thinking that marshmallows have any place near yams, and if deviled eggs are still your idea of a Thanksgiving appetizer recipe idea, it’s time to let technology revolutionize the way you cook for the holidays.

Yes, there are great cookbooks out there, but the dynamic environment of a free cooking app can really help you ramp things up. Our list of must-have apps for a festive Thanksgiving will have your friends and family wondering when you’re planning your audition for Top Chef. Okay, maybe not, but they will at least happily stand in line for seconds.

Martha Stewart Everyday

When entertaining, go to the expert. The Martha Stewart Everyday Food App (for iPhone) will only cost you a buck (in reality, $0.99) and what better human on earth to coach you through festive pie ideas and Thanksgiving appetizer recipes than Martha? Also: since it’s Martha, you’ll get a schedule of what to do when, making planning for the big day even easier. This app is especially useful if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a festive centerpiece out of bread dough. Tear it up and serve it to your guests as a bizarre Thanksgiving treat.


This is the very definition of a must-have app for Thanksgiving. How home cooks ever survived without this free Epicurious app and website is up for discussion, but the good news is that you can download it for free now. Follow recipes easily in your kitchen right from your tablet. There is maybe no greater place on the planet for inspired Thanksgiving appetizer ideas. You can find entire menu ideas, shopping lists, and organizational features that will help any host or hostess stay both productive and creative. Is that fig prosciutto crostini recipe as good as it sounds? Only one way to find out.

Hello Vino

This free Hello Vino app for both Android and IOS is a bit like having a virtual sommelier at the store with you. The best feature of the app is its pairing selection, making it easier to not only answer the age old question (red or white?) but also giving you the ideas for each course. The best part: you don’t have to tell your guests that you used an app for that. Didn’t they know you were always a closet wine snob? Yes, of course, you always knew that Moscato was the best dessert wine to pair with your favorite Thanksgiving treats, duh!

Simple Soiree

This year, let’s not keep track of guests on paper anymore, okay? The Simple Soiree party planner for IOS is a must have app for a festive Thanksgiving. How else will you sort out shopping lists, create invites, track RSVPs, plan your menu without losing your mind? Available for a meager $1.99 on iTunes, this app can just help you stay sane while you do the sort out your guests on your phone or tablet and cook at the same time.


You’ve just checked off the last of your things to get your yummy Thanksgiving treats ready, and you’ve put the turkey in the oven. Every to-do list on your smartphone is updated, all push notifications set. Do the right thing. Open a bottle of wine (just that cheap bottle of red will do nicely, you’ve got the good stuff for later), and binge watch a few episodes of “Orange is the New Black.” Kick everyone out of the living room and watch it on the big screen. Put up your feet and tell everyone to clean the kitchen. Your work is done here.

Also, just in case that burning smell coming from the kitchen is, in fact, the homemade green bean casserole (you toasted those shallots on top yourself!), maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and call Domino’s.

Any other apps that we missed? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, as would everyone else who is looking for fun recipe and ideas this holiday season. Thanks!

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Ghosts, Goblins and Apps

Ghost and Goblin Apps
Halloween may be one of your child’s favorite holidays, right behind Christmas. Playing dress up, trick or treating and eating lots of candy, what kid wouldn’t go crazy for this zany day? While the holiday is certainly centered on fun, it also comes with plenty of concerns for parents. Fear not, for this Halloween season you’ll have a nice stack, dare we say it, ghost and goblins apps for your smartphone to keep track of not only where your kids are, but also the best houses to hit in the neighborhood.

There’s an App for That

There really is an app for almost everything and the Life360 app proves that. It uses GPS technology allowing your kids to check in with you at all times, so you know exactly where they are. The best thing about this Halloween tech is that this is a foolhardy app, which let’s face it, is required when you’re dealing with kids. As long as the app is installed on their phone, it will track their whereabouts so you can simply slip it in their pockets and send them on their way. If you set favorite spots, the app will alert you when they arrive at one of these locations – talk about a Halloween safety tip!

While it’s important to keep your kids safe, it’s also important to develop that all-important candy hunting strategy. With the Halloween Treat Map from Nextdoor, you’ll know just who in your neighborhood is handing out candy and which houses are going dark a la Scrooge on Christmas. This app works when your neighbors login and set their preferences. It’ll even let you know if you can expect to encounter a haunted house on your trip, adding even more fun to your trick or treating excursion. Remember to have the kids take along one of the most important Halloween gadgets — a glow stick — or even the iPhone built-in flashlight. Or download an app like FLASHLIGHT from iHandy to see the way and alert passersby to their presence in the dark.

Year-Round Holiday Fun

Who says the fun has to end after the holiday passes? If your child loves everything about Halloween, you can even take advantage of this admiration by sneaking in some learning lessons with ghost and goblin apps on your iPhone or Android. There are many choose from including spelling, word search and drawing apps that let your child’s creativity shine through. Some even bring their creations to life by animating completed drawings, or offering the option to publish online for others to see.

Whether this is your child’s first time embarking on their solo trick or treating mission or they’ve been doing it for years, establishing some Halloween safety tips is always beneficial. With ever-increasing technology and evolving Halloween tech, it’s easier than ever before to track your kids and make sure that their holiday is truly an enjoyable experience while keeping the ghouls and goblins at bay.

Do you have a favorite Halloween app? Have you tried any we listed above? We’d love to hear about it and invite you to share your experiences.

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Come on over it’s a Football Party

Football Party



There’s not a lot in life that’s more fun than watching your favorite team beat their rivals. Well, except for watching the game on big screen from the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your friends as you all cheer a victory. Of course, it can be even more fun if you get to rub it into the face of that one friend who insists on supporting the ‘other’ guys. Want to set up your home to be Pigskin HQ? Keep reading to learn some fantastic football party ideas.

Epic-Sized TVs for Epic Games

Even the most exciting game could be boring if you’re watching it on a small screen. Make sure to set up a ginormous screen so you can enjoy every pass, hit, interception and touchdown from anywhere in your living room. Resolution is important, the higher the better. A good resolution makes the difference between seeing a brown blob float across the screen into another brown blob or seeing the laces spinning on the perfect spiral as the wide receiver lands in the end zone. You definitely want an HD screen; 4K resolution is the absolute best, but depending on the size of your screen 720p or 1080p displays give you fantastic resolution.

The pros get charged a timeout to use the instant replay, but if you have a smart TV or an external DVR, you can pause, rewind and review the video as many times as you like. It makes your victory dances that much sweeter when you can relive the most epic plays over and over again. Watch your buddies cry as you pinpoint the exact instant ball pops out of the receiver’s hands or the quarterback gets sacked. Pausing also makes football-themed parties more relaxing, since you and your bros can make a dash to the men’s room without missing a play. Of course, none of this is going to do much for you without a sweet stereo setup.

Stereos for Bone-Crushing Sound

Having a powerful sound system is one of the best football party tips we can give. Wire your den or living room for surround sound with a full home theater system and you can hear every sound, from the calls of the QB, the crash of the linemen and the roar of the crowd. Depending on the space you’ve got, you want anywhere from a 2.1 system to 7.1, which delivers a full eight channels so you can hear sound just like you would if you were on the field. Once you’ve got your media room set up, it’s time to set your friends up with unforgettable eats.

Snacks and Brews

Want to throw the most epic football-themed party of all time? You’ve gotta have snacks such as wings, nachos, pizza, brats and burgers. A mighty meal and constant cheering works up a man-sized thirst that you can only quench with your favorite brewski. Grab a kegerator so you can impress your friends with cold service straight from the tap. The best part is that once the game’s over the kegerator still keeps your beer fresh for weeks or months.

We get lonely here, so leave a comment below. We want to hear all about your custom setup and the tales of the best football-themed parties ever. Oh, and take the time to smack-talk your rivals!

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How to Get More Battery Life from Your Device on the Go

How to Get More Battery Life from Your DevicePicture this: you’re half way through your 5 hour flight and are happily catching up on Game of Thrones on your Samsung Galaxy Tab when your low battery icon pops up. We’ve all been there… maybe for you it was a work presentation and you were reading from notes you saved on your iPhone when up pops your low battery symbol and before you know it your chances of being considered for that promotion are destroyed. Or maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. Perhaps you were in the middle of catching up with an old friend and couldn’t finish your phone conversation.

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your device’s battery life. One solution is to purchase an external battery case for your smartphone; in most cases these can almost double your battery life. These types of cases are very popular with Apple users but are also available for many Android devices too. Or, you can follow these tips to increase battery life without spending a dime.

1. Take Care of Your Battery

One of the best ways to increase battery life is to keep your battery in good condition. Make sure you keep the area where your battery plugs into your device squeaky clean so that it always gets a good connection. Keep your device cool and don’t let it get above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t let it get too cold, and limit the amount you use it in cooler weather. If you’re often caught with a weak battery, consider carrying a spare.

2. Consider Your Connections

Of course, it’s nice to have the latest and greatest technology and to be permanently connected to everything you love. But One of the nice things about ll these smart devices is that they’re always on and ready to connect you to the world awith a swipet a moments notice, but always-on connectivity takes a toll on your battery because your device syncs, tracks and updates something constantly. When it comes to juice, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and mobile data tend to be the most thirsty services. So, when you don’t need them, turn them off. If you must have location data turned on, set it to use cellular data or Wi-Fi instead of GPS. However, if you use Wi-Fi a lot, it’s better to set it to “Always on during sleep,” as that will use less battery power than reconnecting every time you wake the phone. You’ll save quite a bit of battery power and the only tradeoff is that you’ll need to take a few seconds to turn on these services manually when you need them. The tricky part is remembering to turn them off!

3. Turn off Push Notifications

Unless you just can’t live without reading everyone’s Facebook comments the minute they’re posted, turn off push notifications to conserve energy. Also, disable location-based services when you aren’t using them.

4. Tweak Your Settings

Another great way to increase battery life is to tweak your settings. Keep the screen as dim as is comfortable for your eyes, change the display settings so that the display times out quickly, and turn off live wallpaper. While you’re in settings, double-check to ensure you have the latest software, and update it if necessary.

5. Check Your Apps

Do you have any idea how many apps never actually turn off and just sit there running in the background, using up your device’s memory and battery life? Pretty much all of them. When you’re done using an app, make sure you close it rather than letting it run in the background. Also, keep your apps up to date. Developers update them for a reason, and quite often those reasons are battery and memory optimizations. While you’re checking your apps, delete any that you don’t use to stop them from draining your battery (or taking up space).

If you follow these tips to increase battery life, you’ll find yourself with a dead phone much less frequently. You’ll be able to survive that flight, nail that presentation, and keep in touch with your loved ones more often. Do you have any tips that work well for extending your battery life?  Please share in the comments section below!

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Fun with Fido: Vacationing with Pets

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a long, well-deserved vacation, not only for you but your dogs as well. Fido and Fluffy don’t want to be stuck at home with a stranger or left in a kennel while you’re off having fun. They’d much rather be by your side, smelling new scents, meeting new people and exploring the world along with you.

Whether you’re hitting the casinos in Vegas or enjoying the beaches in Hawaii, there’s much more to enjoying a vacation with your dog (or even your cat) than strapping them into an adorable seat-belt harness and putting the car into drive. You also need to consider many other aspects of your trip and how they will affect your pet. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Pet Trackers

Have you ever heard the expression, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst?” It’s this way of thinking that helped establish pet tracker apps for big and small dog breeds. Apps like Tagg and Tractive are available for both Android and Apple users. With these apps, you attach a small tracker to your dog’s collar, then easily track his movement via GPS on the Android or iOS application. These apps help you keep your pets safe, even if they decide to go out and explore on their own. You’ll easily be able to find them quickly using just your phone or tablet.

Great Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

Finding great dog-friendly vacation spots isn’t as easy as you might think. You may want to visit a location that doesn’t feature the amenities your dog needs, like hotels that allow dogs, a nearby dog park or an outdoor restaurant. To find the right vacation destination for both you and Fluffy, the right app can come in handy.

Fortunately, there are several apps to help with this. Dog Park Finder Plus gives you instant access to all the dog parks near your area, now matter where you happen to be at the moment. It costs only $1.99 but is only available to iPhone and iPad users.

Seeing the words, “no dogs allowed,” can break your heart when you’re a dog mom or dad. If you’re looking for pet-friendly hotels, bars, shopping and more, you need to do your research. While Yelp is doing a better job at helping you find these places, a search for a dog-friendly shopping mall may still bring up a mall that happens to serve hot dogs. You need something better, like BringFido. This app lets you search different areas and see what is available for your dogs to enjoy while you’re on vacation.

Doggy Day Care Apps

Even though you love your dog (or cat,) there may be times on your vacation when you just need some time to yourself. Your dog may have passed crate training 101 with flying colors, but that doesn’t mean you want to leave him in the hotel room by himself for long periods at a time. That’s where the right app for doggy daycare comes in. Some applications are location-specific, but others, like Rover and, help you find pet sitters, kennels and daycare in locations across the United States.

Whether you’re flying to a beautiful tropical island or driving to your favorite lake for a few weeks, don’t leave your pooch behind. There are plenty of applications you can access via your smartphone or tablet that will make traveling with dogs and cats much easier. Is there an app you use that we didn’t mention? Comment below and include a bit of information so other pet lovers can enjoy the app too!

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Create the Ideal Back to School Backpack

Back to School

It’s that time of year again. The smell of newly sharpened pencils is in the air. Teenagers are desperately trying to put together outfits that will make them look “cool” on their first day back. That’s right; it’s time for school again. Whether you’re a parent, a high school student or a college student, you have to make sure everything is prepared for the coming school year. Finding the right school supplies, fun lunch boxes and gadgets can help the year start off right. Check out these back to school supplies you shouldn’t have to live without.

Buying the Right Laptop or Tablet

If you’re a high school or college student, a laptop is one of the best back to school gadgets you can buy. As essential as pencils and paper these days, the right laptop can help you excel in the classroom. You can’t just buy any laptop, however. You need one that fits your needs and will enhance learning. Look for laptops with these qualities:

  • They need to be portable. A good student laptop is between 11 and 14 inches in size.
  • Consider the OS options carefully when searching for laptops and notebooks. For young students, Chromebooks are an excellent choice, while OS X is appropriate for iPhone users and Windows is best for productivity.
  • The battery life of a laptop can help ensure success all day long. Aim for a battery life of at least six hours, if not more.

Laptops aren’t the only technology making it into the classroom, however. Tablets are just as likely to be on a school equipment list as pencils for most any age student. Tablets are small, lightweight and portable, and how students are going to use the tablets determines which ones are the smarter purchases. For instance, some tablets, like the Surface Pro 3 and iPad Air 2, practically eliminate the need for a laptop by offering the same app functionality and word processing. Many tablets also work well in combination with a computer or laptop. These tablets can be used to take notes or read e-textbooks, but may not be able to do everything a laptop does. For the younger set, such as grade school level there are a number of tablets designed specially for that age group and focus on teaching subjects such as basic math, spelling and reading skills.

Best Apps for Students

When it comes to creating the ideal back to school backpack, sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most. Applications on iPads, tablets and eReaders may not take up much room, but they can ensure you’re prepared for class and make homework go a bit more smoothly. A free note-taking app like Evernote can help keep track of all assignments and pertinent information for each class. Dropbox is an app that organizes all documents and share folders securely and easily with others for free. My Study Life keeps track of your workload across multiple devices and platforms, so you never miss another exam or forget when a homework assignment is due. All of these apps are available for Windows, Apple and Android devices.

Make Back to School Fun

Filling a backpack with gadgets and school equipment that will ensure success is probably your first priority, but that doesn’t mean every school supply should be serious. Have a bit of fun with cool, unique items. Fun lunch boxes sporting favorite cartoon characters or movie heroes can be a fantastic way to incorporate a healthy, well-rounded meal into the day. This also gives students a way to make new friends with similar interests. The same idea can apply to school books as well. Book covers offer a way to express interests while protecting books and giving you peace of mind.

Are you looking forward to back-to-school time? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think the best back to school gadgets are, what you plan on purchasing for yourself or your child and how you think each one will help ensure academic and social success.

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Tech Tips for the Ultimate Summer Party

Now is the time to sit on the back porch and enjoy a tall glass of cold iced tea (or perhaps something a bit stronger.) The hot sun beating down encourages trips to the lake, lazy days by the swimming pool and time spent with sand between your toes. You don’t want to do all that alone, though, do you? What’s a fun summer day without the company of some good friends?

Have no fear, technology is coming to your rescue. With portable Bluetooth speakers, a tablet, a digital camera and a home projector on your side, you can create an ultimate summer bash no one will want to miss.

Turn up the Noise

What’s a party without music? Using a traditional music player outdoors requires you to set the device near an electrical outlet. If you’re having fun at the lake or even in your backyard, this isn’t always possible. Using a smartphone won’t work either, even if you make a playlist that rocks.

The best choice for your outdoor summer party is to use a wireless device that can amplify your music. A portable Bluetooth speaker, like the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 can connect wirelessly to your smart device from up to 30 feet away. You can listen to music for up to five hours with this speaker, and you don’t have to miss any calls. The speaker features a built-in button for answering phone calls.

How to Make a Photo Booth

Whether you’re celebrating your recent graduation or just enjoying the beauty of summer with your friends, these will be moments you’ll take with you with for the rest of your life. Capture these moments with a DIY photo booth. Learning how to make a photo booth isn’t difficult, either. Using a camera like the Nixon Coolpix and digital cameras with remote shutter technology, along with a tripod stand and backdrop, guests can take their own pictures, leaving you free to enjoy the party. Add a flattering glow by including a spotlight and a photography umbrella. If you opt against this, consider turning the camera flash on for the best results.

Once the party is over, connect your digital camera to your Samsung Galaxy tablet wirelessly and transfer the picture files. You can then create fun collages and share the images online with friends that attended.

Drive-in Movies

Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting on the hood of a car (or even sitting in a lawn chair) on a cool summer night while watching a movie? When it comes to summer parties, this is an excellent way to put on a show for your friends. To make the experience unforgettable, you’ll need a home theater projector and a large blank area, like a garage door, or an area where you can hang a large white sheet.

Using wireless outdoor speakers with your projectors gives your guests the ability to watch the movie while listening to it in crystal-clear sound. There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to watch a movie and not being able to hear it, after all.

Love these ultimate summer party ideas and tech tips? We’d love to hear what your summer plans are and do you plan on using technology to create an awesome summer bash. Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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Summer Vacay Tech and Travel Tips

Summer Vacation Tech and Travel Gadgets

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to take that relaxing or adventurous getaway you have worked so hard to deserve. Before you make your escape and leave your coworkers at the daily grind, take the time to figure out what you need to bring along to make your vaycay truly legendary. Trust us to be your summer vacation planner with the fun gadget and app ideas to help you to get the best (for less) out of your time away.

Pics or it Didn’t Happen

You need proof of your exploits or the shameless luxury you enjoy on a trip so you can brag on social networks or around the office. Make sure you get a camera with the highest resolution you can find so everyone watching back home can see every bead of condensation dripping down the outside of your margarita glass. For extra fun, you can strap your camera to your hat or over your chest to capture the gorgeous details flying by as you drive, swim, bike or even skydive on your unforgettable adventure. Keep the camera rolling to show off how many heads you turn as you stroll down a lively avenue for a night on the town.

Apps for Fun and Convenience

Wanna skip the lines for that bone-rattling roller coaster? How about making sure you pay the lowest price for your room? Check out the app store that comes with your tablet or smartphone for apps offered by the places you plan to visit, or for booking apps such as Expedia or These apps for travel are almost always free and offer you special deals and discounts that you would otherwise miss out on. Research stories from savvy visitors who braved the unknown, so you don’t have to, get deals emailed to you regularly and more. Your best bet for finding these apps is either an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. You can easily make back what you spend on them by getting the lowest price on hotels, fare, and admissions, so you can feel that much better as you race past everyone else sweating away in line because you were smart enough to use your apps to get a VIP pass.

Indispensable Accessories

Depending on where you’re heading, you might need some way to adapt your chargers to a new outlet type. Don’t make it all the way to the hotel to find out that your phone’s going to die before you even get a chance to take your first beachside selfie. Grab any spare USB cords, chargers, adapters and anything else you need before you leave so you can save your regrets for the morning after you go out partying. We can’t save you from a motel that doesn’t come with the same TV and stereo that it shows on its website, but we can help you find portable audio solutions, such as Bluetooth wireless headphones that let you chill with your tunes no matter where you’re at.

Distractions for Relaxation

You may be on the road for a while to get to your ideal vacay spot. Keep yourself entertained while you drive, ride the train or fly to your destination with a tablet or other media device. You can engross yourself in the latest bestselling novel instead of the kid who keeps running up and down the aisle. We’ve got you covered because we can show you where to buy a Kindle cheap, so you can save your cash to spend once you hit your favorite night spots. If you have your children in tow you can keep them out of your hair by loading up their phones with all sorts of games so you can focus on spending time with your partner. We’d like to consider ourselves friends, or at least that one person you can always count on to give you a solid recommendation, so go ahead and leave us a comment or two about your favorite tips for travel and maybe we’ll see you on the beach!

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Where will your DealCow Roam? Summer 2015 Sweepstakes!



Thanks to everyone who participated in the sweepstakes! The winners above were randomly drawn. We hope everyone had an awesome summer! Thanks for sharing your summertime photos with us!

There are so many awesome things about summer! Longer days filled with fun in the sun, family vacations and laid back BBQ’s to name a few. We’re adding to the awesomeness with the Summer DealCow Sweepstakes!

Snap a pic of your CowBoom DealCow participating in your favorite summer activity and share in one of three ways:


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We can’t wait to see where your DealCow roams!

No DealCow? No Problem! Print the Digital DealCow here. We advise taping it to a popsicle stick for clever ways to insert their cuteness into photos!


No purchase necessary. Ends at 1:59 PM on 8/31/15. See Official Rules for photo guidelines and full entry details.

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